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Web content, even more than software products, requires more than translation to be adapted to different languages and cultures. As the web is used to communicate the image of an organization, its culture and values, in addition to marketing its products, the content of a web site needs to be analyzed and adapted to the different target languages and countries before the process of developing the localized content starts.

Furthermore, while the language content of a software or documentation product remains largely stable over time, web content is regularly updated, and, as a consequence, its localized content needs to be quickly and regularly brought up to date. At Tetraktys we offer a complete solution, taking care of the whole content management cycle of your website. Whether you need the addition of new content for a specific language, the complete multi-language content management of your website, or just the simple translation of existing pages into one or more languages, we can offer you a competitive solution. If you would like to request a quote,
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